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Earring Buying Guide

Earring Buying Guide

A gorgeous piece of jewelry improves your beauty whether you're going out with friends, on a date, or just going about your daily activities. But the fact is, most times, matching earrings to an outfit and hairstyle can be challenging. The reason? There is a wide array of earrings with different materials and colors to choose from. In this earring buying guide, we'll walk you through the process of matching the perfect earrings to the right outfit for the appropriate occasion.

Earrings may dramatically alter a person's appearance by drawing attention to their clothes, skin tone, and face. Whether you're buying it as a gift or for yourself, it's essential to make the proper choice. As you read on, you will see different styles of earrings, how to wear them, and of course where to get the best.


Different Types of Earrings

The following are the types of earrings that you should have in your collection.

Drop Earrings

If you desire a simple earring with a bit more length, drop earrings are the way to go. They are essentially longer than stud earrings with additional design, glitter, and shape adaptability. They are usually of two sections. One of which attaches to the earlobe and the other part hanging down towards the neck. Drop Earrings also include clutches that help to keep the earring in place.


Elegant drop earrings are a lovely way to highlight your facial features and provide a sense of style without detracting from your professional image when at work. It is no surprise that elegant women prefer to wear these earrings because of their subtle and feminine nature.


Dangle drop earrings, threader earrings, dainty drop earrings, teardrop earrings, chandelier earrings, and so on are some of the kinds and designs available. Many of these are light in weight and can be very easy to wear as well.


Stud Earrings

Indeed, earrings with studs are sophisticated and fashionable earrings. Their most distinguishing feature is their look of floating on the earlobe. This elegant accessory is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. They are frequently held in place by a detachable sofa. This sofa can be screwed on and off. It can reduce the chances of getting lost, especially if valuable materials such as gold or diamonds.


Stud earrings are simple accessories that can go with a lot of different outfits. It is an ageless piece of jewelry that never goes out of style. Unsurprisingly, many smart-looking women favor stud earrings because they are both safe and elegant. These stud earrings can be of gold, silver, diamonds, and many other valuable stones. They can come in different forms, such as clusters or studs.


Hoop and Huggie Earrings

Huggies and hoop earrings feature a ring-like look with a clip connecting one end to the other.


The Hoop Earring  is often very wide and thin in appearance. It can extend downwards from the earlobe. Women who want to go out with their pals for parties frequently opt to wear hoop earrings with their hair up or combed back to give off an exotic rather than modest appearance.

Huggies Earring is typically thicker and smaller, with the capacity to hug the ear quite snugly. For people of all ages, these earrings are always a good choice. They are especially very safe for children because they do not dangle, and the ear clasp is highly secure. Huggies are also a popular choice among women who want to make a fashion statement at work. They are simple but attractive.



Cartilage Earrings

Cartilage earrings are worn anywhere on the ear except the earlobe unless the wearer prefers. They are distinct from other forms of earrings. One of these features is that more than two can be worn at a time. And this look is versatile enough to be used with a variety of outfits. 

Cartilage studs, wide cartilage studs, dangling cartilage, cartilage chains, ball closure ring, segment rings, seamless rings, and circular barbells are just a few of the styles and sizes available. Due to its delicate and non-burst nature, this jewelry can be worn for parties, clubs, vacations, weddings, and even daily wear.


How to Style Different Earrings

If properly chosen, a pair of earrings can be a standout accessory. Let's now examine the different matching guidelines based on facial shape, hairdo, and clothing.


Facial Shape

When it comes to matching earrings to your face, knowing your face shape is the key. Typically, there are triangle, oval, round, heart, or even square shapes of faces. Given this, it is vital to wear earrings that complement your look.

If your face shape is broader at the top than the bottom, such as a heart-shaped face, wearing earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top is a good idea. It will help to fill the lower section of the face and balance it out. Other facial shapes can benefit from this similar principle.



Matching your earrings to your hair is a beautiful way to ensure that your whole look is flawless. Most times, using the space between your ear and your shoulders as a guide can be extremely helpful.

When your hair is down and flowing around your shoulders, for example, any jewelry you wear will be almost undetectable. Therefore, wearing a simple earring, such as a stud, will be more practical in this scenario and also more convenient and secure. Your ears, on the other hand, will be more noticeable when you have a hair up do. And this is because there will be a lot of space between your shoulders and your ears. Therefore, the ideal time to wear a set of timeless drop earrings that you can effortlessly show off.



Earring, regardless of the occasion, plays a critical part in either making or breaking an outfit. So, when wearing earrings with your outfits, one of the most significant factors to consider is the color scheme. Make sure that the colors of your earrings and your attire complement each other. Wearing colors that clash, such as green earrings with a purple outfit, can be distracting. As a result, always strive to choose complementary color earrings that go nicely with your outfits.

To summarize, earrings can give a glamorous look. But it is also critical for everyone to have access to the proper sets of earrings that will satisfy their needs, as everyone has a distinct sense of style. It is noteworthy that cheap and quick earrings can be dangerous since they are known for their high contents of hazardous chemicals like lead and nickel.


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