FAQs – Exisoar


What's the donation's process?

  1. You purchase jewelry of your choice or donate using our donation plans 
  2. We process your order and collect all profits 
  3. Our team in Sanaa, Yemen use the profits to prepare food baskets and medicine and distribute it directly to a list of people who are in the most need for food and medical aid.
  4. You wear your jewelry to remember the positive impact you've made to humanity.

- We will share people's stories on our social media accounts of the impact you've made through your Exisoar purchase. 

PRODUCTS - metal

Does it change my skin color to green?

Our jewelry does not cause skin discoloration when used correctly. Most of the time, the discoloration is caused by external factors such as cosmetics and chlorine water and not by the jewelry itself. 

Cosmetics contain chemical compounds which are harder than the jewelry itself which cause metallic abrasion. These hard compounds come in contact with the jewelry metals and wear or rub off very tiny particles of metal which appears as jet black or green dust. When this dust falls on absorbent surfaces, such as the skin or clothing it sticks, forming a black smudge.

Read this article to learn more.. 


All gold-filled are nickel free. The metal parts are composed of a solid layer of gold (at least 5% of the item's total weight) mechanically bonded to a base of copper. They are designed with pale yellow gold finish that has a lustrous, bright, and attractive shine.Gold-filled jewelry is a great economical alternative to solid gold. If taken care of, it can last as long as solid gold and won’t tarnish or rub off. please refer to the Care Advice below. 


Gold-plated jewelry has a base of some other metal, such as brass, covered with a thin layer of gold. This is what you’ll find on the lower end of the price spectrum.  Not water resistant. 


Gold vermeil is similar to gold-plated jewelry but the difference is that the layer of gold is thicker and the metal underneath is sterling silver. It will last longer than gold-plated jewelry




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