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It all started in the summer of 2014, operating from a living room in Saudi Arabia. Our shop back then, Roons Bracelets, was named after a nickname given to our founder, Rawan. She was operating independently but with the help of family members when business demand was high. Roons Bracelets only focused on selling beads and friendship bracelets composed of strings in different patterns and colors. Instagram played a significant role in showcasing her handmade products. We accepted and fulfilled orders using Whatsapp and Kik.



In 2015, an Instagram influencer gave a shout-out to our store, and overnight we gained a massive following. Rawan's family had a specific role in Roons Bracelets to fulfill all the new demands after the enormous growth. Shortly after the newfound demand for Roons Bracelets, Rawan rebrands the shop to a new trendy name. Kharaz means beads in Arabic, and because 95% of the products were composed of beads, Kharaz became Rawan's new shop's name.


Kharaz discontinued friendship bracelets due to Rawan's career and degree taking most of her focus, not leaving enough time to make the bracelets. Kharaz's first employee came on board to help create more visual and photography content.


In 2017, Rawan moved from Saudi Arabia to the United States with her family and shut down operations with Kharaz. She didn't give up on her passion for jewelry, so she waited until she was done with college and decided to start over. 


In June 2020, Rawan launched her first collection of Exisoar. This time, she wants to inspire and support women with her jewelry pieces and give back to the community. The Exisoar collection looks so much different. Exisoar focuses on gold-filled, gold plated, and sterling silver jewelry, which serves as affordable alternatives to precious metals while maintaining high quality.


One of Exisoar's goals is to give back to the community as much as we can. During Ramadan, we launch a yearly campaign to contribute 100% profits to less fortunate communities. View our contributions.


Exisoar team has grown to 4 members; Rawan is our owner and operations manager, a content writer, photographer, and social media director. We are looking to hire more members in the future! 


Visit us on social media! We'd love to hear from you!